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Aquarium tour

Five distinct areas


Volcanic cliffs

Rocky cliffs, a submerged wreck and basalt arch

1500 fish


Deep reefs

Faults, rocky overhangs, volcanic cavities


Marine biodiversity

A space to reflect on and champion the marine environment

Throughout the visit, soft lighting, background music and numerous interactive modules help visitors to discover and learn more about our blue planet, volcanic Reunion Island, corals, coral reefs, lagoons, beaches, plankton, sharks, marine mammals and the deep sea.

The audiovisual area, including a 70-seat projection room, is where you can watch documentaries about the sea.
Debates and conferences regularly bring together people who love our oceans.



Coral gardens

The coral reef, lagoon and
reef caves

2000+ creatures on display


Open seas

A ship immersed in the deep blue sea, semi-pelagic fish

200 species of reef life in Reunion

Artistic space

The tour also champions our marine environment through art.
Many artists from Reunion Island and the Indian Ocean regularly exhibit their work here, including sculptures, paintings, photographs, pottery, etc.
The artistic space also exhibits the work of primary and secondary schoolchildren, designed in partnership with our facility.

Aster: our children's mascot

Aster accompanies the youngest visitors throughout the tour.
Several interactive modules, information points and videos help youngsters to discover and learn more about corals, plankton, sharks and marine mammals.