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Behind the scenes

Backstage, biologists, keepers and technicians work together to preserve, recreate, manage and maintain the life of the site. Thanks to their efforts, the public can admire these faithful reconstructions of the seabed.

Thus, every day, X kilos of fish, shellfish, molluscs and plants are prepared and distributed across the 20 aquarium
tanks and the X quarantine tanks on the site.

Behind the scenes: countless daily tasks

Presenting marine fauna in aquariums requires us to combine our team's extensive knowledge of marine biology, botany, seawater chemistry, air conditioning, electricity, fluid circulation and even legislation.

Backstage: the specialists are busy

Every day of the year, the team working at the Aquarium de la Réunion must ensure all the animals remain healthy. Biologists and diver-keepers focus on keeping the tanks in top condition. They also welcome new residents to the quarantine tanks, and study and monitor reproduction. Finally, they maintain the technical installations (pumps, filtration, ventilation, lighting, etc.). Holding 600,000 litres of seawater, the tanks are maintained around the clock.

The displays in our aquarium faithfully reflect reality. The physico-chemical parameters of the water, the lighting and landscapes, and cohabiting species, all recreate the natural environment. These conditions allow visitors to observe species demonstrating their usual behaviour.