Behind the scenes

Behind the curtain, biologists, healers, technicians unite to preserve, reproduce, manage and maintain... the life of the site. Thanks to them, the public can admire these faithful reconstructions of the seabed.

Thus, every day, X kilos of fish, shellfish, crustaceans, molluscs and vegetables are prepared and distributed within 20
visit aquariums and quarantine X's.

Behind the scenes, many daily missions

The presentation of marine fauna in aquariums involves bringing together within the teams numerous skills in marine biology, botany, seawater chemistry, air conditioning, electricity, fluid circulation or even legislation.

Behind the curtain, a team of specialists is busy.

The daily work of the teams at the Aquarium de La Réunion consists of ensuring the good health of the animals every day of the year. The biologists and diver caretakers ensure the quality of presentation of the aquariums. Also, they welcome in the quarantines the new boarders, study and follow the reproductions. Finally, they maintain the technical installations (pumps, filtration, ventilation, lighting, etc.). Every hour, the 600,000 liters of seawater in the basins are maintained.

In aquariums, our presentation faithfully reproduces reality. The physico-chemical parameters of the water, the lighting and decorations, the cohabitation between species, all reconstitute the natural environment. They allow the observation of species in their true behavior.