History of the Aquarium

Since the 2000s

The Aquarium of La Réunion is a private company which opened its doors in 2000 and has welcomed more than two million visitors…

Showcase of information and awareness for all public on the marine environment of Reunion, the Aquarium of Reunion has the will to participate in the valorization of the marine heritage of Reunion island and to contribute to the improvement of knowledge on the reef ecosystems.

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rays and sharks


Animals on display


Reunionese reef life species

Labels and funders

The Aquarium is accessible to people with reduced mobility


In order to contribute to the enhancement of Reunion's reef environments, the Reunion Aquarium works in partnership with many public and private structures:

Natural History Museum of Reunion - Department of Reunion island

Marine Ecology Laboratory - University of La Réunion

IRD Reunion


ARDA, Reunion island association for the development of aquaculture

The City of the Volcano

Kelonia, the sea turtle observatory of La Réunion

Reunion island Fisheries Committee

Reunion island Marine Nature Reserve

The association Vie Océane of Reunion island

Globice, local cetacean observation and identification group

Océanopolis, Center for scientific and technical culture in Brest

Arvam, Reunion island association for the promotion of the sea

The Rectorate of La Reunion

Gabriel Barathieu, underwater photographer at Underwater-landscape

And many others…

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